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At Bamboo Bliss Co., we believe in the power of comfort and inclusivity. Our journey to create our Medically Adaptive Zippys began with a heartfelt inspiration from Melissa, a mother whose resilience and love for her child inspired us to innovate and create something truly special.

Melissa’s story is one of courage, love, and determination. After experiencing the heartbreak of two consecutive pregnancy losses, she and her partner were overjoyed to discover they were expecting a rainbow baby. However, their joy turned to fear when they learned during the 20-week anatomy scan that their baby had multiple health challenges, including defects in his heart, lungs, and other internal organs.

From the moment he was born, Melissa's son required specialized care, including the placement of a colostomy bag and a feeding tube. As Melissa explains, "Due to his heart condition, he needs a lot of extra calories to survive. Think of eating while you’re running a marathon, it’s not easy and you get winded fast, huh? Well, that’s how it is for heart kiddos!"

In search of clothing that could accommodate her son's medical needs, Melissa tried various options, including modifying regular zippys. However, she found that they didn't hold up as well as she'd hoped. It was during this search that she discovered Bamboo Bliss Co. and fell in love with our prints and quality.

"I remember making a post asking for adaptable PJs in the VIP and then Ashley told me she had some in the works. I was so excited!" Melissa shares. "Bamboo Bliss has the best products/prints/customer service I’ve ever seen!"

Moved by Melissa's experience and the needs of families like hers, our founder and CEO, Ashley, was inspired to create the Medically Adaptive Zippys. Drawing from Melissa's feedback and insights, Ashley crafted a design that combines comfort, functionality, and style.

"I know there is a large need for adaptable clothing," Melissa emphasizes. "And I know lots of moms who are in need of bigger (4t+) sizes also!" So we do hope to expand our Zippy size range this year. 

With Melissa's input and the dedication of our team, Bamboo Bliss Co. developed zippys with 2-way zippers and an opening on the side of the garment with double snap closure, making it easier for families with ports and IVs to access them. Additionally, our commitment to quality ensures that our clothing not only meets the unique needs of medically fragile children but also stands the test of time.

"For me, when I put 2pc sets on him, the elastic presses up against his ostomy and it rubs the barrier," Melissa explains. "So I’ve been using zippys and then layering with the crewnecks and hoodies from the 2pc sets! I love the look!"

At Bamboo Bliss Co., we're dedicated to creating inclusive, adaptive clothing that meets the diverse needs of all families. Melissa's story reminds us of the importance of empathy, compassion, and innovation in everything we do.

"I love BB, and everything I’ve bought has been incredible and washes and holds up super well!" Melissa expresses. "Hope they never change the quality; it’s the best around. I cannot wait for the adaptive line!"

In honoring Melissa's journey and the countless families like hers, we invite you to join us in spreading comfort, joy, and inclusivity through Bamboo Bliss Co.'s Medically Adaptive Zippys.

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