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"Hey Lovelies! We have been a bit quiet this month! We had to hunt and secure a new warehouse because we outgrew our smaller one. The new warehouse & HQ is 6,500 sqft for space for design, creativity and for our product of course😍
We have been using this month to catch up on orders from the 7 collections that arrived the beginning of the month. We’re so excited to show you guys the amazing prints coming this year!
You’ve seen a pause in drops to ensure we are fulfilling the preorders and presales you’ve been so patiently waiting on❤️🥳 We’re in a transitional period as well since we aren’t doing preorders anymore! So we didn’t want to overwhelm the warehouse team with more ready to ship orders! But TODAY at 8PM EST is a drop with 3 NEW prints! As previously mentioned, these are super limited and only in our 2 most popular styles since we’re transitioning!
I want to thank all of you for being on this journey with us! We couldn’t do this without you all being here and supporting us everyday❤️
Stay tuned for an amazing 2024🥳"
-Ashley (CEO & Founder of Bamboo Bliss)  

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