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Bamboo Bliss Headquarters

We have found our permanent home in sunny Jacksonville Florida, with amazing content studios, huge warehouse, and tons of inspiration all around. Bamboo Bliss CEO spent the day organizing the space with amazing detail featuring this wall of previously released (as well as some upcoming) prints!

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A little behind the scenes project for our Content Comunity Studio Space✨🎬📸
This week I waited & waited for our 45,000 pieces of product to come in, some preorder, mostly Ready to Ship drops for the next few months worth. I created sentimental wall decor of some of my favorite prints we have launched, and some future prints in production/planned for later this summer🤭
Our new Content Community Studio is where we do shoots on product/create content you see on our social media platforms, but also a ✨NEW LIVE EVENT ✨event that will be happening each week for new Ready to Ship drops. This live each week will consist of seeing sneaks of new launches for that week! 🥳
Some of you may be able to zoom in and see prints that launch in just a few short weeks! Scroll to the last pic to see an official sneak! 😻
*Oh and don’t worry girl mamas, we have a girl version of that last picture as well😉*
What do yall think of my DIY Bamboo Fabric Wooden Wall Decor Circles?

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