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About Us

Hey there!

I am Ashley, the CEO & Owner of Bamboo Bliss Co. As someone who adores bamboo, I wanted to turn my obsession into my passion and career. When I am not doing all things Bamboo Bliss, you’ll find me sipping coffee and chasing my 2 kiddos around! My husband Jeremy is our Logistics Director and chasing the kids around opposite me! Together we are bringing all our efforts into offering the best, affordable bamboo apparel. 

There are many benefits to our bamboo and I pride our bamboo in being gentle on sensitive skin. Being a mom who has eczema, I know how important clean, chemical free bamboo is. Our OEKO-TEX® certified bamboo viscose fabric is incredible soft and durable, lasting up to 4x longer than any other material! Our carefully curated bamboo provides seasonless comfort for every day with the softest premium bamboo. From sleep to play, our collections are perfect for every occasion. Bamboo Bliss offers adorable, functional bamboo in bold, vibrant designs for the whole family. As a boy & girl mom, I became extremely passionate with making sure that every drop has equal the amount of MUST HAVE prints for both genders! You can count on me for exclusive custom designs at a very affordable price!

Thank you all for being a part of our Bamboo Bliss Co. Community!